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Temporarily fix a leaking flat roof

Temporarily fix a leaking flat roof


No one want to discover that there’s a hole in their flat roof, but these things do happen. When this kind of disaster does strike, you tend to find that the quicker you can act, the less damage will be done. Part of the process is about finding the source of the problem because there’s not much you can do fix the problem until you know what it actually is. 


Once you’ve gone about finding the source of the problem, you have to find a way to fix it. This is what we’re going to talk about today, and there are many ways to approach it. In particular, the temporary fixing method is what we’re going to focus on because this is what’s most important when you’re dealing with an emergency. The permanent fix can come later, but the immediate problem needs to be held back first.


How to Locate the Leak


First of all we’re going to talk about some of the first things you should do to find the source of the leak once you know there is one. At least one of these steps should lead you to what’s causing the problem.


Look for Things Like Loose Flashing


First of all, you should be looking for clear signs of problems such as loose flashing. If you do see this, it’s likely to be where the leak is coming from. It’s a relatively easy problem to fix if you can secure it down again, but it does also suggest that the original installation of the flashing wasn’t to the highest standard. Either that or it’s very old or has received a battering as a result of some extreme weather conditions.


Check for Flaws in the Seams of the Roof


Another common place where leaks can originate is in the flashing. If you have water leaking through the roof, you’ll need to get up there and check all the way along any and all of the seams that are present in the covering of the flat roof. You should be able to spot where water might be coming through if there’s an obvious gap. Again, this is relatively easy to find a temporary solution to so don’t worry too much about it.


Look for Water Marks


If you can spot rings on your roof, there might be water marks. It’s a classic sign that water has been getting through. So if the rest of your roof is dry expect for these dark rings that persist after the rain has gone, it might be telling you exactly where the water is seeping through. You won’t always find these water stains but you often will, so it’s certainly worth checking to see if you can find any on the top of your flat roof.


Steps to Take to Temporarily Fix It


Once you’ve found the source of the leak, you need to act fast but carefully so that you can find a temporary way of fixing the problem. Here are the steps to take.


Use the Right Repair Material if Covering Problems


If you are going to use additional material to cover a part of the roof that is leaking, you need to make sure that you use the right material for the job. For a start, you will want it to be the same as the material that is already in place. You don’t want two different types of material because they might not blend and further problems could arise further down the line. And from an aesthetic point of view, it won’t look great either.


Take Safety Into Account


Safety is always important when you’re working on anything roof, and this applies to your flat roof. Even if the roof has been designed with the intent of it being walked on, you still need to very very careful to ensure you don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily. If you don’t know how to work safely at heights, read up on it and invest in the equipment that will allow you to get this right. Nothing matters more than your safety.


Use a Paint On Waterproofer


This is one of the best temporary options you can find because it covers over problems and can stop water getting through. The leak will stop flowing through and you should be able to keep things dry and safe for as long as you need to before a professional can come in and work their magic to provide a long-term solution to the problem. The benefit of a paint on waterproofer is that they’re very easy to apply, so just about anyone can do it. You just paint it on as the name suggests and let it dry.


Carry Out Checks


Once you’ve carried out these basic temporary fixes, you will need to carry out checks regularly to ensure the fix is still holding firm. You don’t want the same problem to keep coming back, and if it’s does, that would suggest that your temporary fix was not really a very good one. So carry out these Vistula inspections regularly and keep an eye out for any potential leaks in the roof.


Look for a Longer-Term Fix if Necessary


You shouldn’t forget that the fixes we’ve discussed here are temporary. You can’t expect these fixes to hold firm forever because that’s simply not how this works. For a longer-term fix, you will need to carry out more complex repair work or find a professional who can do that kind of work for you. Sure, it means spending more money but sometimes that’s what’s necessary. You can’t rely on temporary solutions forever because that’s not really what they’re designed for.


As you can see, there are many ways to look for the problems your flat roof might be facing. These are the key reasons for leaks, and fixing them can be done by novices if you’re looking for an emergency fix. However, you don’t want to rely on temporary fixes forever, so keep that in mind.