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24/7 Emergency Roofers in Manchester


Emergency roofing repairs Manchester. 0161 696 1466.  Visit Our site. Please call for fast around the clock roofing services.. We are available 24 hrs and are recommended roofers in and around the Manchester and greater Manchester area. Our repair service covers all types of roofing problems including flat roof repairs, small leak repair, slipped tiles, slipped slates, slipped or missing ridge tiles, ridge tile repoint, verge repoint, barge boards, soffits fascia, guttering all the way up to full re-roofs.


We have years of experience throughout our team in all aspects of roofing and gutter repair in and around Manchester. For minor repairs we have no call out charge and often can solve the problem on the same day if you give us the go ahead. Ne of our team will access the roof and assess the damage. We photograph the problem and show the customer what will be needed and explain what we will do during the repair work. All of our teams are fully insured and trained to do the work safely. 


Minor repairs are generally small leaks which are usually a case of exposure to the elements over a period of time. Most of the jobs we do are where a flat roof meets the main building and the joint has broken. We find this happens a lot where people have an extension or garage built to the side of the house. Quite often this is the lead or a slipped tile or ridge tile.These jobs are easily and quickly fixed. 


Guttering can often be a small easily fixed problem that can cause major problems with penetrating damp. A slipped or broken gutter or down pipe that has been dislodged by the wind can end up costing thousands in damage to your home if left unchecked. Remember the saying “a stitch in time…”


High winds can often cause slates to slip or loosen ridge tiles or dry verge systems allow the weather to ingress inside the home. If this does happen to you please do not hesitate to call our office for a quick speedy solution to all you roofing problems.